Quality policy environment and safety at work are developed taking into account the social and corporate responsibility to be precise, operations carried out since 2005 without any complaints or claims filed the community by contrary example to society in the field of chemicals management and presenting the company at regional level as a successful case.

Also Petroraza S.A.S taking a complex operation is still completely clean and by choice decided to create agreements with the company Ecosiembra for the mitigation of carbon footprint and replacements of fossil raw materials by raw materials derived from vegetable oils. This is why it focuses on planting oil trees to extract the oil and replace the production process to minimize negative impacts arising from the activity of consumption of non-renewable solvents.
For this activity an area near Santa fe de Antioquia is chosen, hiring 60% of local labor and choosing an area of arid conditions to recover land and reforest river basins together with the specific crops of Jatropha, Higuerilla, and Sacha Inchi.
Committed to this practice management allocates resources annually to the continuity of the project with Ecosiembra and defined goals based on the production of every 2 sold drums (sold in drums unit) It will be planted and a tree will be retained in the property of Ecosiembra Chorquina.

This goal has been performing since 3 years ago, surpassing all expectations since the incursion in the area of new job opportunities for the people of the region generates an atmosphere of confidence and peace of mind in employees since the convention is for 15 years and Petroraza for being a young company has all the projection of contributing to the community in this type of strategy.