Since 2005 Petroraza S.A.S. has stablished itself as an example because of the chemical residue management, environmental compensation, social responsibility, and business responsibility.

Petroraza’s processes are fully clean despite their complexity, that is because of the following practices:

Use of plant sourced materials

Replacement of fossil origen raw materials, like solvents, with plant sourced materials, through the extraction of vegetable oil. The oil is extracted from Jathropa, Higuerilla and Sacha Inchi trees planted in alliance with the company Ecosiembra.

Environmental compensation

Carbon footprint mitigation through tree planting in alliance with the company Ecosiembra, looking to recover the arid soils and reforest the watersheds near Santa Fé de Antioquia. Hiring 60% of local labor for the planting.

Environmental commitment

For every two drums sold, we commission the company Ecosiembra to plant one tree. And we have acquired a 15-year commitment to keep up this practice.

Petroraza in its 17-year trajectory has proven its willingness to contribute to the community, technological advancements and environmental care.